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Book Review: Parade by Michael Graves

A huge thank you to Tomek at Storgy for sending me a review copy of Parade by Michael Graves! This was such a fun read, here is my review, and a little bit more about the book & the author…


Reggie Lauderdale suffers from a crisis of faith. His cousin, Elmer Mott, dreams of becoming their hometown mayor. Both boys are stuck in suburbia trying to be adults … but they aren’t sure how to be themselves yet. When a twist of fate sends them fleeing in a stolen limousine, the cousins escape to Florida where they meet a retired televangelist, who inspires them on a path of glitzy sermons and late-night parties. But are the celebrations sincere or deceptive? And who is keeping tabs? Who is watching? Parade is a tour-de-force, comic tale of faith and friendship.

About the author:

Michael Graves is the author of Parade and Dirty One, a collection of short stories which was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist and an American Literary Association Honouree. Michael’s fiction has been published in numerous literary publications. He can be found online at

My review:

This was such a fun, unique, and interesting read! One of the things I enjoyed most was the eclectic set of characters; they were each so well written and believable, and were really what made this book for me – I won’t be forgetting them any time soon that’s for sure! The story itself was also fascinating; I was really drawn to the humour in this book, it’s dark, but so clever. Another thing I absolutely loved about Parade was Graves’ descriptions and writing style, which are just incredible, I was completely immersed. It’s really difficult to compare this book to anything, as it’s really like nothing I’ve come across before, which is maybe one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much – it’s uniqueness! In the front of my copy, there is a Spotify playlist of some fantastic songs, which really added to the reading experience and overall vibe of this book. A highly recommended book!

Parade is out now! Get your copy here.

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