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Blog Tour: After Sundown, edited by Mark Morris

Thank you so much to Flame Tree Press and Random Things Tours for sending me a copy of After Sundown, and for having me on the blog tour! Here is my review…

This new anthology contains 20 original horror stories,16 of which have been commissioned from some of the top names in the genre, and 4 of which have been selected from the 100s of stories sent to Flame Tree during a 2-week open submissions window. It is the first of what will hopefully become an annual, non-themed horror anthology of entirely original stories, showcasing the very best short fiction that the genre has to offer.

FLAME TREE PRESS is the new fiction imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Launched in 2018 the list brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices.

About the Editor

Mark Morris has written and edited almost forty novels, novellas, short story collections and anthologies. His recent work includes the official movie tie-in novelizations of The Great Wall and (co-written with Christopher Golden) The Predator, the Obsidian Heart trilogy (The Wolves of London, The Society of Blood and The Wraiths of War), the anthologies New Fears (winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology)and New Fears 2 and many more.

My Review

This book is perfect for this time of year! There are so many wonderful spooky stories in this anthology, and they each bring something completely different and unique. I particularly enjoyed the short stories by C.J. Tudor and Laura Purcell, as I love these authors anyway! I would highly recommend After Sundown, particularly at for the Halloween season, as some of the stories are truly dark and chilling, and it’s so easy to read and come back to. Really recommended!

After Sundown is OUT NOW!

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Blog Tour: The High Moments by Sara-Ella Ozbeck

Thank you so much to Random Things Tours for having me on this wonderful blog tour! I am very excited to share my review of The High Moments…


Scarlett is far from perfect.

She changes herself to please others.
She makes mistakes – over and over again.
She repeatedly goes back to people that have hurt her.

Scarlett has a tricky relationship with her mother and is desperate for people to like her.

She moves to London without a plan, but when she manages to land a job at a modelling agency she thinks that her life is finally on track.

Scarlett soon discovers that the fashion industry is far from what she had imagined and her life begins to spiral out of control. But at least people know who she is. She is starting to become someone.

And surely it’s better to be someone – even if it’s someone you hate?

With a vein of dark humour at its core, The High Moments offers an astute, often stark, look at the fashion industry and the challenges you can face as a woman in your twenties. Fans of Emma Jane Unsworth’s Animals and shows like Girls will love this.

About the author:

Sara-Ella Ozbek is a London-bred author of South African and Turkish
descent. After graduating from the University of Exeter with a BA in English Literature, she interned at Vogue magazine and subsequently fell into a job at a modelling agency. After six exciting, if somewhat draining, years as an agent, she left to pursue a career in writing. She attended the New York Film Academy screenwriting programme then went to Los Angeles where she joined the hustle of the screenwriters. Out of the frustration and misery came her first novel, The High Moments. Aside from the novel, she has written non-fiction for titles including Because Magazine, Suitcase, Tatler, Drugstore Culture, Voyage D’Etudes and Soho House Notes.

My review:

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I started reading The High Moments, but what I found was a really sharp, yet nonetheless funny read! This is a really entertaining debut, and there are many interesting and important themes and ideas explored in the book. Taking a look at the reality of the fashion industry and examining many issues and challenges that young women may face, this was hugely insightful, and I think lots of different types of readers will enjoy this darkly humorous novel, because I definitely enjoyed it! Would really recommend this one.

Thank you so much again to Random Things Tours, the author and the publishers! The High Moments is OUT NOW!

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Blog Tour: Kate Humble – Ten Things About Me

Today I am so excited to be on the blog tour for A Year of Living Simply by Kate Humble! Thanks so much to Random Things for organising the tour. Here are ten things about Kate, and a little bit about the book!

1.  I’m double jointed & can do freakish things with my thumbs.

2.  My idea of hell is a milkshake.

3.  If I was President of the World I would ban teacups & plastic shower curtains & make the first day of spring a day of National Celebration.

4.  I’m mildly obsessed with  jigsaws, but only on holiday.  They help my brain relax.

5.  I find numbers terribly confusing but love doing sudoku.

6.  I think men’s clothes are always nicer than clothes designed for women.

7.  A beautifully told story, whether spoken, written or acted, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

8.  I hate the smell of custard but love the smell of sileage.

9.  I never tire of looking at a full moon.  It always inspires a sense of wonder.

10.  I will never understand why anyone enjoys horror films.

Summary of the book:

If there is one thing that most of us aspire to, it is, simply, to be happy. And yet attaining happiness has become, it appears, anything but simple. Having stuff – The Latest, The Newest, The Best Yet – is all too often peddled as the sure fire route to happiness. So why then, in our consumer-driven society, is depression, stress and anxiety ever more common, affecting every strata of society and every age, even, worryingly, the very young? Why is it, when we have so much, that many of us still feel we are missing something and the rush of pleasure when we buy something new turns so quickly into a feeling of emptiness, or purposelessness, or guilt?

So what is the route to real, deep, long lasting happiness? Could it be that our lives have just become overly crowded, that we’ve lost sight of the things – the simple things – that give a sense of achievement, a feeling of joy or excitement? That make us happy. Do we need to take a step back, reprioritise? Do we need to make our lives more simple? Kate Humble’s fresh and frank exploration of a stripped-back approach to life is uplifting, engaging and inspiring – and will help us all find balance and happiness every day.

About the author:

Kate Humble is a farmer, writer, activist, entrepreneur and one of the UK’s best-known TV presenters. She started her television career as a researcher, later presenting programmes such as ‘Animal Park’, ‘Springwatch & Autumnwatch’, ‘Lambing Live’, ‘Living with Nomads’, ‘Extreme Wives’ and ‘Back to the Land’. Her last book, Thinking On My Feet, was shortlisted for The Wainwright Prize and The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award. Find out more about Kate on Twitter @katehumble and @farmerhumble, on Instagram @kmhumble and at and

Thank you so much again to the author, the publishers and Random Things for my copy of the book and having me on the tour. A Year of Living Simply is OUT NOW!

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Blog Tour: Ordinary Hazards by Anna Bruno

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Ordinary Hazards by Anna Bruno! Thank you so much to Random Things Tours for having me on the tour, here is my review…


Everyone always wants to know why relationships fail. It’s a spiteful curiosity thing, schadenfreude, but also a self-preservation thing. People want to understand how to avoid the fall.

The answer is complicated. There isn’t one reason, one event. It has something to do with smoking cigarettes and drinking all night. It takes into account thousands of hours of labour on a small house, projects finished and unfinished. It is late-night conversations and inside jokes and making love and having a child. The answer is wrapped up, shrouded and ensconced in prioritization, ambition and work. Caring about these things is not the problem. Not caring about them is death.

Emma has settled into her hometown bar for the evening. It was in this very room that she met Lucas a few years back, on a blind date. Nine months ago, in unimaginable circumstances, they divorced.

As Emma listens to the locals’ banter, key facts about her life story begin to emerge and the past comes bearing down on her like a freight train.

A powerhouse in the business world, why has she ended up here, now a regular in the last bar on the edge of a small town? What is she running away from? And what is she willing to give up in order to recapture the love she has lost?

As Emma teeters on the edge of oblivion, becoming more booze-soaked by the hour, her night begins to spin out of control with shocking results.

About the Author:

Anna Bruno is a writer and business communications instructor at the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business, where she coaches MBAs on developing and delivering presentations. Previously, Anna managed public relations and marketing for technology and financial services companies in Silicon Valley. She holds an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, an MBA from Cornell University and a BA from Stanford University.

My Review:

This was an interesting read! What I enjoyed about this book was the unique plot and style; it takes place over one night in a bar called The Final Final, and each chapter is divided by hour, which is a really interesting structure. I really enjoyed the tone and atmosphere of this book, the bar itself felt very vivid, realistic, and easy to imagine. Another aspect that I enjoyed about Ordinary Hazards was the way in which the author writes – there were some really powerful moments and descriptions that were really moving.

Overall though, this was an enjoyable read that I think many people would thoroughly enjoy!

Ordinary Hazards is out now! ❤

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Blog Tour: The Last to Know by Jo Furniss

Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Last To Know by Jo Furniss! Thank you so much to the author, publisher and Random Things Tours for providing me with a copy of the book, and inviting me on the tour! Here is my review…


A family’s past pursues them like a shadow in this riveting and emotional novel of psychological suspense by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of All the Little Children.

American journalist Rose Kynaston has just relocated to the childhood home of her husband, Dylan, in the English village of his youth. There’s a lot for Rose to get used to in Hurtwood. Like the family’s crumbling mansion, inhabited by Dylan’s reclusive mother, and the treacherous hill it sits upon, a place of both sinister folklore and present dangers.

Then there are the unwelcoming villagers, who only whisper the name Kynaston—like some dreadful secret, a curse. Everyone knows what happened at Hurtwood House twenty years ago. Everyone except Rose. And now that Dylan is back, so are rumors about his past.

When an archaeological dig unearths human remains on the hill, local police sergeant Ellie Trevelyan vows to solve a cold case that has cast a chill over Hurtwood for decades.

As Ellie works to separate rumor from fact, Rose must fight to clear the name of the man she loves. But how can Rose keep her family safe if she is the last to know the truth?

Author Bio:

After spending a decade as a broadcast journalist for the BBC, Jo Furniss gave up the glamour of night shifts to become a freelance writer and serial expatriate. Originally from the United Kingdom, she spent seven years in Singapore and also lived in Switzerland and Cameroon. As a journalist, Jo worked for numerous online outlets and magazines, including Monocle and the Economist. She has edited books for a Nobel laureate and the palace of the Sultan of Brunei. She has a Distinction in MA Professional Writing from Falmouth University. Jo’s debut novel, All the Little Children, was an Amazon Charts bestseller.

Connect with her via Facebook (/JoFurnissAuthor) and Twitter (@Jo_Furniss) or through her website:

My Review:

I know you’re not really supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I LOVE this cover, and it definitely helps that the story inside is just as amazing.

From the get-go, I found the atmosphere of this book to be so chilling and atmospheric; there is something really haunting about the town in which the book is set, not to mention the somewhat strange inhabitants. One of my favourite things about this book was the layers – one minute you saw the story going one way, only for it to be completely turned on its head! This was such a compelling thriller, and I genuinely struggled to put it down at times!

I would highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys a dark, twisty, psychological thriller with some super interesting characters, and a truly unique plot! I absolutely loved this fantastic book, and really urge you to read it.

Thank you so much again to Jo Furniss, Lake Union and Random Things Tours!

Thank you for reading. ❤